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In our final episode in the advent series we sit with Mary the mother of Jesus.  Mary is completely neglected in one of the two retellings of the birth story, but becomes the main character in Luke’s version. 

What might it have meant for our early listeners to have Mary revered and celebrated so strongly – indeed depicted as the ideal follower whom we should emulate? As listeners and followers today, how might we in our lives be a womb, or be a manger? How might we become a holding place for love to be born anew?

The featured song in this introduction was ‘We Are Bethlehem’, written by song and chant writer Alana Levandoski. To find more of her work including a children’s meditation album project visit:

The featured poem was Cheryl Lawrie’s Instead – A Christmas Prayer(2016). Find more of Cheryl’s writing at

Supporting music and sound design was also done by Adam Ball. Check out: 

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