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Advent Episode 1 – Keeping Herod in Christmas

By beyond on December 3, 2018

In the Beyondering advent series we will be dusting off the layers of familiarity and therefore complacency to attempt to uncover aspects of meaning in this multi-layered and multidimensional ancient story of Christ being birthed in our midst, but yet which are…

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Episode 2.9 – Peter Rollins: Philoso-raptor

By beyond on September 4, 2018

Beyondering finally land their long awaited interview with Peter Rollins to see what faith looks like through the lens of a philosopher. This is a way of seeing, a discipline that helps us question our questions, understand how we…

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Episode 2.8 – Emergence – See?

By beyond on August 8, 2018

What’s emerging? What forms and shapes of sacred community are in the process of being birthed but are not yet? Emergent thinkers are those with such a lens that they walk into this future with optimism and…

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Episode Bonus – Poets/Prophets

By beyond on July 2, 2018

We take a breather from our season theme of lenses, to hear from some of our local prophets. In this special bonus episode we offer you a showcase of artists who have featured on our…

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Episode 2.7 – Shaia

By beyond on May 21, 2018

Come on a journey with Lucas and Matt exploring the journey of growth and transformation. Alexander Shaia – psychologist, anthropologist and spiritual director, help us see what faith (and indeed scripture) looks like when we…

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Episode 2.6 – Sally Douglas

By beyond on November 15, 2017

Matt and Lucas are joined by Rev Dr. Sally Douglas. As a Lecturer at Pilgrim Theological College in Melbourne, Sally offers her passionate exploration of Jesus as the image of the feminine Divine and helps…