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Episode 5 – To Eternity and Beyond – Sin and Salvation 

Episode 5 – To Eternity and Beyond – Sin and Salvation 

Is it possible we actually need some saving … from our ideas about salvation?

Is sin really something you’re born into? Has there been a defect in human manufacturing?

Is salvation really handed out on the basis of agreeing with certain theological propositions?

Is there really a cosmic balance sheet – satisfied only by the death of God’s son?

Is there another way to see salvation other than a ticket to heaven?

Join Matt and Lucas as they speak with the sometimes controversial, always passionate and fascinating Bishop John Shelby Spong.

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Contributors to Episode Five include:

Dylan Joel – ‘Hope Is’ (used with permission)

From Authentic Lemonade (2015), Its Official Music Pty Limited/Warner Music Australia Pty Limited. Distributed by Warner Music Australia Pty Limited.

Beyondering, Faith and Beryl Theme music created at Got Fink Studios by Caleb Garfinkel

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