Venturing beyond belief to find open-hearted, liberating ways of being in today’s world.”

A weekly podcast hosted by Matt Cutler and Lucas Taylor.  Each week we explore spirituality in the modern world by asking the traditionally taboo questions.  Where does God fit into today and tomorrow?  How do we express spirituality authentically and truthfully?




Lucas Taylor (written by Matt)

Having been unable to land his dream job of becoming the sound effect guy on Australia’s Funniest Home Video show, Lucas is keen to use this podcast project to make up for lost ground. His gifts include a sharp intellect, an incredible memory, quick-draw wit, exceptional pun-making and a having a voice capable of registering two octaves below the average man.

Described by our podcast guest Dominic Crossan as the next Martin Luther King Junior (would that make him a junior junior?), and by himself as the greatest and most humble human of all time, Lucas is passionate about honest and authentic faith as well as issues of justice.

Working in a church congregation in Melbourne’s east has opened to Lucas the opportunity to share the highs and lows of life with people and has challenged him to find adequate ways to find and offer meaning in response.




Matt Cutler (written by Lucas)

Matt Cutler has recently developed an amazingly consistent ability to get people’s names wrong… really wrong, and important people too…
…like our podcast guests.
To their faces.
It’s a good thing he asks such good questions and has such an ability to draw people to dig deep into how we tick and what makes life meaningful.
I don’t think many guests noticed.
Except Dave Hughes Andrews.
He totally noticed, but he was really gracious about it.
We all just ignored it and pretended it didn’t happen. Though Dave left shortly after.

Matt spends his days putting challenging ideas into practice as minister of a church in Melbourne’s south. He is like a walking fount of quotes and ideas from all these amazing authors – many of whom agreed to appear on this podcast! At times he can be heard giggling excitedly about speaking to such inspirational people, but I think we managed to edit most of it out.

The longer I live the less I believe, but the little I believe, I believe in more and more - DAVE ANDREWS

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