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Podcast 3 – Many Ways – Beyond My Idea of God.

Everyone else is wrong – its MY idea of God that is closest to the truth, right?!
This week we are exploring the question of whether or not there is only one way to God. 

Podcast 2: Peace and Justice – Beyond Ourselves

Chances are if you are a “justice-y” type and are on social media in Australia you have probably liked or shared something Jarrod McKenna has posted. If not, let us introduce you to this amazing man.

Podcast 01 – Beyond what, and to what?

Episode 1 – Beyond what and to what?
An intro to Beyondering.
In this episode you will meet your hosts Matt and Lucas and be taken on a whirlwind tour through what is in store for Season One of the Beyondering Podcast. Hear what the concept of beyondering is all about, why its so important and hear a sneak preview of some of the amazing guests lined up for this season.
Contributors to Episode One include:
Cameron Semmens – A Herd of Elephants is in My Chest (used with permission)
Joel McKerrow – My Confession Part 3: The Christian Part (used with permission)
Heatherlyn – You Gotta Move… (used with permission)
Beyondering Theme music created at Got Fink Studios by Caleb Garfinkel
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